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PURCELLVILLE, VA (February 18, 2014) Axis Purchasing has announced that it is expanding their  group purchasing portfolio by teaming up with the best in slip-resistant footwear from Shoes For Crews®.  

Shoes For Crews® mission is to help protect their customers from slip and fall accidents by providing the most comfortable slip-resistant footwear available anywhere. They have been a trusted leader in safety footwear to the foodservice, hospitality, healthcare and industrial employees for more than 25 years.  They research, design, engineer and manufacture every shoe they sell to provide their clients with the best in comfort, style, durability and slip-resistance.

John Krebs, president of Axis Purchasing, says, “Teaming with Shoes For Crews® adds more value to our foodservice and hospitality providers.  A huge cost in our industry is employee related falls. Through this partnership, we will help our client base and their employees save more through lower safety shoe costs and reducing slip and fall work related injuries by over 50%.”

Shoes For Crews® Account Manager, John March, states, “Our mutual goal in teaming with Axis Purchasing’s and their members is to continue our mission of protecting our customers with quality slip-resistant footwear and reducing their dollars lost by work related accidents.”

To learn more about Axis Purchasing services and reserve a no-risk consultation contact John Krebs at 703-310-7607 or Online information can be found at:

About Axis Purchasing

Axis Purchasing is the only company in the United States that is truly focusing on increasing purchasing and operational efficiencies of foodservice businesses, bringing the right product, at the right time and at the lowest cost.  The combined expertise and $10 billion dollar group purchasing programs with over 350 manufacturers allow selective or complete supply services to meet your needs so you can focus time and valuable resources on what really matters: Customer Satisfaction, Profitability and Growth.

About Shoes For Crews®

Shoes For Crews® began producing slip-resistant footwear in 1984 and through superior technology quickly became the industry leader. Over the years they’ve stayed on top by working hard to deliver an unbeatable product at a great price. They design and manufacture their own shoes, which makes them uniquely able to pass savings along directly to the customer.  Their company also offers the best slip-resistant mats furthering their mission to protect against slip and fall accidents.


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