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JAFCO FOODS services large National/Multi-Unit Food Organizations looking to lower food cost.  JAFCO provides quality food and cost solutions, LOWERING food cost as much as 25% - 40% against similar items in distribution.  With over 25 years of experience, JAFCO ships an average of 1.5 million pounds of product to over 2,000 locations every month.

What is an “Opportunity Buy”?

Any item a manufacturer decides is overstocked, imperfect, off spec, or discontinued.  Sizing is important to a national chain restaurant that buys on spec.  For example, if the spec is for a 4 oz BL/SL breast, anything not fitting that spec goes into a “seconds” box and becomes an Opportunity Buy (OBuy).  

Also available are “Ongoing” Opportunity Buy products:

These are items that are contracted with smaller manufacturers at a price that fits your budget. They are always the same pack, box, quality, and size.  JAFCO has 85 items always available.

Quality Assured:

JAFCO’s quality assurance team is at the heart of the organization, making sure all products follow a strict policy that exceeds most distributors in the marketplace today.

Two ways to take advantage of the program

  1. Shop direct with JAFCO and choose from over 400 different quality food SKU’s.
  2. Shop from one of 75+/- Broadline Distributor Partners and choose from 13 approved in stock quality food products.


JAFCO is so confident in their services, they offer 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

To learn more contact: 

Axis Purchasing:  703-310-7607 or

JAFCO Foods:  John Valentine 800-437-3668, cell 603-661-4943 or

For a printable copy, click JAFCO Introduction

For the listing of all stock products offered by JAFCO, click JAFCO Stocking Matrixa

For listing of a sample of some "Opportunity Buys" click AXIS AUGUST 2014 ITEM LISTING


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