Axis Purchasing Program has allowed Dynaco to tap into vendor incentives otherwise not available as a sole entity. However, as a member of Axis, Dynaco has been able to participate in many rebate programs and contract pricing that is huge and allows the savings to be passed on to all franchisee operators. The fine people running Axis are truly professional and look out for our best interest which was confirmed by the first monthly rebate check! John Krebs and Ed Zimmerman are my contacts and are very transparent in explaining the program which is win for both parties. There are no hidden agendas and if I have a better contract pricing than they do, it stays as is. I have dealt with buying groups during my 40 years in the foodservice industry and understand how they work. I can tell you, Axis is a very good program. I am available to share more on the subject should any potential member be interested.

After hearing about Axis Purchasing … I dragged my feet for a while because that’s what we do. I wish we had started earlier. It required about 30 minutes of my time. We were already taking in a large amount of money in rebates from our purchases. We added approximately six figures more from vendors that we didn’t have the volume to set up our own programs. It literally is the easiest way to pull in additional cash/savings with virtually zero effort. It also allows you the opportunity to compare your existing programs with the Axis programs and decide whether there are additional synergies. A lot of the purchasing program companies operate on a pretty high weasel factor. Axis is the complete opposite … they get it.

We have our own staff, but our growing chain of restaurants benefits greatly from the extra support Axis provides—new savings, expertise and timely notification of supply opportunities.

We have worked with Axis for years. Their long-term commitment has helped our franchise members in their continued success.

It opened my eyes to see how much money is available out there for small restaurant companies. You can only spend so much time reading about the industry and attending conventions. With Axis handling the purchasing details, I can spend more time with other aspects of our business so we can continue our growth goals and help the franchisees be more successful by saving them money.

Axis has given us the opportunity to bring manufacturers and key customers together in ways that benefit everyone.

Axis works with us in a real spirit of partnership, helping us to offer better services and greater value to our customers.