What We Do

Our Space – Foodservice Purchasing Support

how we work
  • Purchasing tends to be a game where everyone hides their cards;
    we make it simple and very understandable.
    (follow a simple proven process; aggregate, review)
  • In an industry of $175 billion how big are you?
    We bring together purchase requirements of other companies just like you.
    Giving you aggregation advantage without typical group purchasing restrictions.
  • We add industry knowledge on distribution agreements,
    market knowledge of products and provide you with options – You’re always the decision maker.


Axis Purchasing Program has allowed Dynaco to tap into vendor incentives otherwise not available...
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After hearing about Axis Purchasing … I dragged my feet for a while because that’s what we do...
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We have our own staff, but our growing chain of restaurants benefits greatly from the extra support Axis...
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We have worked with Axis for years. Their long-term commitment has helped our franchise members...
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It opened my eyes to see how much money is available out there for small restaurant companies...
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Axis has given us the opportunity to bring manufacturers and key customers together in ways...
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Axis works with us in a real spirit of partnership, helping us to offer better services and greater...
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